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Qadmus - Lebenese kitchen (Berlin)

Updated: May 8, 2019

I love visiting Qadmus.

It is one of those places I visited the most in Berlin.

I discovered it when I was looking for a place to eat on the Silvester morning when almost every other decent restaurant closed for the new year. Not Qadmus though, those guys are always there waiting for you.

The first part of soups, fried potatoes and hummus.

During my time travelling as a vegan, I discovered a useful fact. Lebanese kitchen and Arabic cuisine, in general, are vegan-friendly by default. So, whenever you visit a non-vegan friendly city, like Nice in France for example, you can always find a Lebanese restaurant that would be happy to fill your stomach with hummus, salads, falafel, couscous and more (in various quality levels of course.)

Qadmus is not a vegan restaurant, but it doesn't bother me as long as they have great vegan options and the menu is very clear regarding what is vegan and what is vegetarian with a clear understanding of how the two are different (not obvious, at all.)

As vegans in Qadmus, your options are not vast, but very delicious.

As a first dish, you can choose between the okra or the lentils soup; both are amazingly good.

Besides the soup, you can enjoy the Batata Hara (fried potatoes with coriander) and an excellent side dish of hummus to dip the crunchy fried potatoes in (potatoes and hummus are a well-known godly combination.)

Then, for a main, you have the couscous (appears in the menu as vegetarian due to the yoghurt sauce, ask without the yoghurt.)

This couscous dish is different from any other couscous I have seen or eaten before; the 'couscouses' are large and red, the dish comes with a bunch of delicious grilled vegetables on top to complete the meal.

Those options are more than enough to satisfy your hunger, and you will leave happy and full.

The magnificent couscous with grilled vegetables.

At this point, I would like to state that Qadmus is pretty expensive compared with other Lebanese places in Berlin, but the quality of the food and the entire experience correlates.

The restaurant is beautiful and situated in a lovely part of Berlin next to the Am Friedrichshain park and offers excellent service in addition to great food.

Pricing: Okra/Lentil soup 5.5 EUR (each,) Batata Hara (fried potatoes) 6.50 EUR, Hummus (as a side for the potatoes) 6.50 EUR, Couscous with grilled vegetables 11.50 EUR.

Address: Am Friedrichshain 1, 10407 Berlin


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