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Meshek Barzilay (Tel-Aviv)

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

There are a lot of great vegan/vegan-friendly restaurants in Tel-Aviv. The variety is vast, and the food quality is mostly excellent.

But some places do it better. Meshek Barzilay is one of them.

The food is tasty, unique, and you can happily go there with a meat-eating friend or family member, and they will have a delicious experience.

The famous lasagna

As a starter, we had the "King Koresh".

King Koresh are four small patties made from a mix of Leaks, onions, potatoes and vegan mozzarella that comes with a Jugort-garlic sauce that accurately complements the patties.

The "King Koresh" starter

As a main, we had the Lasagna and veggie burger. Both were top.

The veggie burger patty is a mix of mushrooms, lentils, Tufo and nuts (there is an optional cashew cheese topping over the patty). The burger comes in a steamed beetroot bun with a side of delicious chips and spicy homemade ketchup.

The Lasagna is excellent as well, and the roasted peppers and pesto sauce does an excellent job complementing it.

The veggie burger and the lasagna

The desserts were right on the spot, and the "Drunken pear" pie could easily be one of the most interesting and tasty desserts I've tried.

The "Drunken pear" pie

The restaurant is not the cheapest you can find but does an excellent job delivering a proper and accurate vegan experience.

Pricing: King Koresh starter - 38 NIS (8.80 EUR), Lasagna - 70 NIS (16.25 EUR), Veggie Burger - 64 NIS (14.85 EUR), Drunken Pear dessert - 41 NIS (9.75 EUR), Chocolate mosse dessert - 28 NIS (6.50 EUR)

Address: Ehad Haam 6, Tel-Aviv, Israel


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