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La Liliane ( Berlin )

La Liliane makes excellent homemade vegan food for pick-up and delivery from her private Kitchen in Neukölln.

I was a sceptic when she offered me a vegan Kube كُبَّة ( ball in Arabic ) simply since vegan Kube is not very common, but hell I was NOT disappointed and got much more then what I came for.

The dishes are all for two people, and I and my partner were not hungry after destroying our La Liliane😚

Excellent hummus is a must for me for this kind of middle-eastern meal, and the Hummus was there and it was creamy and delicious, same for the homemade and fresh Pitas we got from her ( 2 Pitas ).

The fried sweet potato salads and the burnt cauliflower were an excellent side dish and were bursting with flavour, highly recommended!

📞 Phone number: 0176 76400856

📧 Email:

🏷 Price: Starters Hummus ( 6 EUR ), Sweet and Crunchy fried sweet potato salad ( 10.5 EUR ), Vegan Kube ( 14 EUR ), Burnt Cauliflower ( 6.50 EUR ), please notice that each dish is for two people, not a single dish.

🌱 100% Vegan business? No, vegan-friendly

👩‍🍳 Service: Excellent

📸 Veganmeister

📦 Leftovers: None

🌍 Sustainability: Very good

Check out her Instagram as well @la_liliane📸

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