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Lücks - plant based cuisine(Berlin)

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

I waited a long time to write a review about Lücks, this restaurant is what I mean when I said high-quality vegan food and was exactly what I had in mind when I decided to open this blog and list the places that do it right.

This last time when I took the photos for the review was not the first time I visited Lücks, I am as they call it in German a "Stammkunde", or a "regular" in English.

I found Lücks on a hungry Sunday morning when my brother and his Girlfriend were visiting me in Berlin from London(one of the hottest destinations for vegan food lovers and one of my up-coming locations for juicy reviews, so stay tuned).

The expectations were not high since I didn't hear about Lücks before and was pretty surprised to see that there is a full vegan brunch 10 minutes walk from my home in East Berlin and I did not know about it before.

Excellent Tofu-scrumble

So we scratched ourselves from the comfort and warmness of my sofa and headed to Lücks.

We were NOT disappointed. The experience was incredible and we were enjoying one of the best entirely vegan brunches out there with a rich variety of salads, bread, spreads such as cashew and hummus, the BEST tofu-scramble I have ever eaten, warm dishes such as fresh curry with veggies and tomato soup, sweets and fresh fruit salad for dessert. All included in the brunch and needless to say homemade and delicious. I am a regular at Lücks ever since this delightful Sunday.

All the ingredients are bio and those of you who avoid gluten will find many different options to chose from and will not stay hungry.

The brunches at Lücks vary in times and take place currently on Sundays, please check the website for more detailed information(find at the end of the review with location and pricing).

Delicious cheese cake with berries

The regular evening menu at Lücks is as impressive and tasteful as the brunch.

I would highly recommend trying the 3 coloured gnocchis and the zucchini pasta bolognese(RAW) as a main while the homemade quiche and the soups are never disappointing and would make an excellent entry for every dish.

The dishes at Lücks tastes and feels fresh and homemade because that is precisely what they are.

Please note that this is not fast-food, and you will wait for your food as it is freshly prepared and beautifully served. I don't know what about you, but I like to wait for my food, expect it, have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine while looking at other people's plate as I imagine my own arriving at my table.

Lücks is well designed and cosy, providing a comfortable atmosphere that will make you wait for your food in peace, so are the friendly and professional staff who consist of one vegan family and would be happy to provide a recommendation if needed.

In conclusion, Lücks is a very price worthy experience and will give you an excellent return for your money, an essential factor when choosing a restaurant.

Pricing:Brunch 14.5€, Tofu-scramble and Avocado breakfast(in the picture) 8.5€, Berry cheesecake(in the picture) 3.5€.

Address: Sonntagstraße 26, 10245, Berlin


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