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Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Who doesn't like dumplings?

They are fun to eat, delicious and you can find them in almost any cuisine, (different versions, same concept) since their idea is simple and appealing.

Fried or steamed dough with delicious sauce and a variety of different fillings. What's not to like?

häppies have taken dumplings to the next level using creative thinking combined with precision and skill.

The dumplings are delicious, unique, beautiful, and are hand made daily.

The menu is clear and straightforward, giving you several different kinds of häppies (all have catchy names to make the process easier. see below), that range from savoury to sweet with different combinations of fillings and sauces..

At first, I tried the "Ben" (Asian style) and the "Alex". Both were incredibly delicious.

As for a dessert, I took the advice of the friendly servant and tried the "Klara". I was not disappointed and enjoyed every bite of the sweet and salty combination.

The experience in häppies is unique, colourful, delicious and will give you a fresh perspective on the good old dumpling.

Pricing: 3-4€ per dumpling

address: Dunckerstraße 85, 10437 Berlin website: http://www.hä

Cosy and beautiful location

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