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Feel Seoul Good (Berlin)

So here is a special one.

Korean and Japanese food is not vegan-friendly by default. Those countries rely mainly on seafood and in general, are not in line with the vegan revolution and are often confuse vegan with vegetarian since they are not even familiar with the concept of veganism and this is why I was so excited when first heard about "Feel Seoul Good".

Completely vegan Korean restaurant. I was very sceptical about how good will they pull it off.

Kimchi. rice cakes and Korean cucumber.

Let's get to the food.

Like with any good Korean meal, we started with Kimchi, spicy cucumber and rice cakes. They were all incredible, and I was looking forward to the main dish - Ramen and Avocado puffer bowl.

I was NOT disappointed, and the mains were excellent.

The Avocado puffer and Ramen

To conclude,

The eating experience at Feel Seoul Good is accurate, fun and delicious.

The design is authentic and cosy, the staff is friendly and helpful, and above all, the food is excellent.

So go there :) I would highly recommend reserving a seat before going there, only to be sure you won't get disappointed.

Pricing: Currently unavailable


Address: Husemannstraße 2, 10435 Berlin

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