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Anastasia - Vegan cafe (Tel-Aviv)

Anastasia is the first 100% vegan cafe in Tel-Aviv.

You will find vegan options in almost any cafe in Tel-Aviv, but Anastasia is the first to present a 100% vegan menu.

And they are doing it RIGHT.

As a starter, we had the cheese platter which I heard a lot about.

I was amazed by the bursting flavours in each bite and had a flashback to the times I was eating real cheese.

The platter comes with fresh toasted bread, veggies and a few different kinds of cheese (Homemade Labane and sumac feta cheese, Odem cheese with herbs, Pecan brie cheese and creme fraiche).

All were excellent. My favourite cheese was the Pecan brie.

The cheese platter

After the excellent start with the cheese platter, I was excited to get the main dishes.

We ordered the grilled vegetables and the shepherd's pie.

The grilled vegetables are exactly what the names suggest - grilled veggies that consists of four different kinds of mushrooms, tomatoes, green beans and onions served on a yellow pea puree. Excellent dish, nothing less.

Grilled vegetables

The shepherd's pie was superb as well.

The shepherd's pie

As for a dessert, we had a baked cheesecake and a raw chocolate-pistachio cake.

It is hard for me to find the words to describe how good were those desserts — both of them. Absolute joy.

I recommend every food lover to visit Anastasia; you will be surprised.

The baked cheesecake

Pricing: cheese platter 54 NIS (12.80 EUR), shepherd's pie 62 NIS (14.70 EUR), grilled vegetables 68 NIS (16.20 EUR), baked cheesecake 44 NIS (10.50 EUR), chocolate-pistachio raw cake 38 NIS (9.00 EUR).

Address: Frishman St 54, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel


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